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Atty. Genelle Johnson

One thing that comes to mind when thinking about the word "community" is family. Our community is made up of many different people with diverse perspectives of life. Many attorneys may have their own reasons for practicing family law, but for Genelle, it was simple. To her, family law is the most important area of law.

There are many law practices that are concerned with tangible benefits, however, family law may seem to be different. Family law has heartbreak and deals with the future of your family and children. Genelle is to these type of cases because she wants to be able to help others out in a way that no other type of law can assist. With family law, Genelle is able to help others when they are at one of their weakest points in life and can support them through this process by giving them a voice for when they feel lost and helpless.

When she goes into the courtroom, she is not afraid to be fight for her clients. Genelle had grown up with four brothers and ever since she was young she had developed thick skin fought for what she believed in.

Genelle's ultimate goal though, is to give her clients a life full of happiness and a way to move forward onto the next chapter of their life. Divorce may seem emotionally draining and can feel extremely alienating. However, during the process, she will strive to be an effective advocate for her clients and a friend who cheers them on for their step towards a happier future.

After graduating from Marquette University Law School in 2007, Attorney Genelle Johnson has been helping families move forward. She gives clarity during confusing times and understands client-attorney communication is key to resolve issues.


Loyola University Chicago - 2004 Bachelor of Criminal Justice Minors in Psychology and Political Science
Marquette University Law School - 2007
Doctor of Jurisprudence


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